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We help intellectual property consultants make better business recommendations faster.

With intellectual property licensing revenues globally exceeding US$150 billion, intellectual property is growing in financial importance. Our solutions can help you use intellectual property to generate revenue and increase shareholder value for your clients.

  • Identify new industries and markets for clients to exploit
  • Spot key inventors to recommend to clients
  • Monitor the activity of your clients' competitors
  • Find gaps in clients' patent portfolios
  • Discover new or additional uses for clients' existing patents
  • Look for ways to sell or donate intellectual property to generate revenue for clients

Key IP Consultancy Products from Thomson Scientific

PatentLab-II - Quickly get the overall picture of your data.

Derwent World Patents Index® - Conduct precision searches of 14 million unique patent records, issued by 41 worldwide authorities and enhanced by our team of expert analysts.

Thomson Patent Store - Obtain original patent documents from around the world quickly and easily.

Derwent World Patents Index First ViewSM - The new, fast-alerting companion file to Derwent World Patents Index.

Thomson Data Analyzer - Works with both in-house and commercial patent and scientific databases to deliver information snapshots and graphs providing unique insight into companies' portfolios and technology landscapes - the successor to the highly successful Derwent Analytics.

Text Clustering - Transforms obscure, textual information into useful knowledge.

Delphion® - An easy to use solution offering business and professional researchers full-text patent documents from the world's leading patent authorities.

Document Solution® - Provides access to full-text items from virtually any publication within or outside of the ISI® database.

Snapshot - Instantly see the meaningful information hidden in your search results.

Citation Link - Reveals all of a patent's citations - both backward and forward, in a graphical map.

Web of Science® - Access to current and retrospective multidisciplinary information, author abstracts, and cited references from approximately 8,500 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world.

Patent Profiles - Fast and accurate current awareness of patenting activity.



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