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Thomson Scientific is part of the Scientific & Healthcare market segment of The Thomson Corporation.

We combine authoritative information with innovative technologies to enhance our customers' ability to achieve world-class research and business results. Our information solutions assist professionals at every stage of research and development from discovery and analysis, to product development and distribution.

A list of the information brands that make up Thomson Scientific is available on this site.

Our customers

The world's top companies and research organizations trust our information because we provide a one-stop-shop for quality information on powerful platforms, accompanied by intuitive analytical tools, and backed up by dedicated support teams.

Our integrated solutions are used by researchers, information specialists, and professionals in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, healthcare, law, financial services, higher education, reference information, corporate training, and assessment.

You can access our databases through a variety of Internet platforms, plus the online hosts Dialog, Questel.Orbit, STN, and Westlaw. Access is by annual subscription or pay-as-you-go, depending on the product or service. We can also custom build information solutions. Most of our information is supplied in English, although we do offer searching of full-text German language patents via our Delphion site.

Knowledge Resources from Thomson Scientific

Our knowledge resources include:

  • Value-added information from global patents
  • Fast delivery of full-text documents, patent file histories and translations
  • Multidisciplinary information from scientific journal literature and the Web
  • Links management and federated searching
  • Comprehensive alerting and search services
  • Detailed industry codes and standards
  • Pharmaceutical market and competitive intelligence
  • Global conference proceedings
  • Versatile analytical and bibliographic management tools
  • Customized patent and scientific workflow solutions

Value-added patent information

Patent information is a vast resource of technological, commercial, and competitor intelligence, much of which is not published in other documents. By searching patent information effectively you can monitor global technology developments, check that your own research is unique, keep track of your competitors and ensure that no-one is infringing your own patents.

The volume of patent data can, however, be overwhelming. Over 200,000 patents are filed each year in the US alone, while the European Patent Office files around 80,000 patents a year. We make global patent information easily accessible by writing concise abstracts that clearly highlight the nature of the invention, then publishing these in a single, English-language database that can be searched precisely for specific technologies.

Fast delivery of full-text documents, patent file histories and translations

When your work demands that you have ALL the scientific, technical and legal details, turn to Thomson for speedy delivery of original documents, patent file histories and translations. In addition to providing access to full-text items from virtually any publication, we offer machine-assisted translations of Japanese and WIPO Japanese language patents, plus full manual and certified translations into English.

Multidisciplinary information from scientific literature and the Web

Thomson resources give you the tools you need to access high quality information from international research literature covering 250 disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Through a variety of multidisciplinary products, you can discover current and retrospective information from approximately 8,500 of the globe's leading, peer-reviewed journals. These publications represent about 1.3 million articles and 30-35 million citations a year.

Thomson resources also cover 2,000 books and more than 400,000 full-text Web documents. Some of our tools give you access to specialized products from our information partners, while others offer unique search features, such as cited reference searching.

Links management and federated searching

Through our partnership with WebFeat, Inc. we offer a specially enhanced version of the WebFeat Prism search engine and translator system, providing libraries with the benefits of true federated searching. Librarians can easily organize and manage their entire collection of electronic resources, and patrons have the unique capability to search all databases in their library from a single, convenient interface.

Our partnership with Openly Informatics, Inc. enables us to offer 1Cate. 1Cate-One Click Access to Everything - an OpenURL compatible link-server that enhances our ISI Web of KnowledgeSM platform. It integrates all library holdings and subscriptions through a single interface, allowing users to seamlessly connect to all their libraries' electronic information sources. Whether they are searching bibliographic databases or internal library holdings, users are only one click away from the full text of an article or the contents of a library catalog.

Comprehensive alerting and search services

Thomson alerting and search services are designed for business, legal, and research professionals who want to save time. Our individualized services give you cost-effective, timely search results from patent or journal information, without you having to hunt for it. These customized services, which cover all scientific research and intellectual property topics, enable you stay aware of the newest developments relevant to your work.

Because our alerting and search services are based on profiles that you help develop, they are sure to pinpoint the exact information you require. The information, drawn from world-renowned patent and literature databases, can be delivered to you via mail, e-mail, fax, or courier on a regularly scheduled or one-time-only basis.

Detailed technical standards

We provide full-text industry standards and materials property data to engineers, researchers, and technical and information professionals worldwide. You can search our collection of standards and specifications from more than 300 organizations, and purchase documents in single-item format, print, or electronic.

Pharmaceutical market and competitive intelligence

Our comprehensive databases and consulting solutions help drug manufacturers maximize profits in an era of rapidly increasing generic competition. The world's top generic pharmaceutical companies rely on our intelligence system to find business development and licensing opportunities, target products for internal development, and identify strategic suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Leading pharmaceutical innovators turn to us for analysis of impending generic competition, patent challenges and active pharmaceutical ingredient sourcing systems.

Global conference proceedings

Conference proceedings are a way to uncover research ideas as they are presented for the first time-often before publication in the journal literature. Thomson conference resources enable you to quickly find significant details from conferences held all over the globe. Each year, our products cover thousands of the most important conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. As a result, you can easily stay up to date with ideas as they emerge.

Versatile analytical and bibliographic management tools

The wide range of Thomson analytical and management tools makes patent data and research information work harder for you, enhancing your productivity. They not only enable you to interpret and understand data easily, but can help identify trends, unmined research areas, and potential business opportunities.

Our products, ideal as sources of new insight, give you the information needed for market analysis, competitive intelligence, benchmarking, and journal comparison. Thomson tools also help you identify, track, and rank top patents, journals, researchers, companies, institutions, and nations. Some of our analytical and information management tools are designed expressly for use within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  • Evaluation and analytical tools
  • Bibliographic management

Customized patent and scientific workflow solutions

Our Integrated Information Solutions (IIS) are tailored to enable anyone in your organization to access, share, and interpret key commercial and technical information from patents and scientific research literature. We work with you to design a solution that is tailored to your workload requirements and workflow processes: delivering timely information, analytical tools, functionality, and ongoing support to help save you R&D costs and get your products to market faster.

To discuss how our information can be tailored to meet your needs, please contact our Help Desk or your Thomson Scientific representative.



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